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VibSmart Koncepts has a network of expert professionals with specializations across multiple verticals. Quality, Legal, Product Development Consulting, Process Consulting and Healthcare experts are a part of this network.

Our team of experts can provide consulting in areas of process implementation, with a special focus on GDPR legislation, NABL, NABH process implementations.

We also can provide you the best in class energy storage solutions from Newen Systems that can optimize your energy usage and reduce Co2 Emissions.

For more information on how we can value add to your requirement, do drop us an email or feel free to call and we will be more than happy to discuss our offerings.

Energy Storage Solutions from Newen Systems

VibSmart Koncepts is an Authorized Representative of Newen Systems.

Renewable energy is going to be the driving force of tomorrow. However, in order to really replace traditional energy sources, storage is going to be the key. Without energy storage, renewables will neither be able to provide continuous not reliable power, which is critical for any industry.

Newen Systems has the perfect storage solution that can reduce energy costs and increase reliability of power at facilities.

Energy management is one of our focus business areas. Newen Systems have capability to design, install and commissioned the MW scale grid connected energy management Solutions.

Newen Systems is the exclusive partner of Dynapower, a leading energy storage solution provider across globe, having largest cumulative on-ground installations. Newen systems have joined forces together to design and develop best PCS & Controller solution for the Indian market. Dynapower brings global experience of over 400 MW BESS installation with over 100 patents, while Newen Systems brings market knowledge courtesy its established leadership in energy and infrastructure domain in India.

Some of the key advantages of adapting a energy storage solution are as follows:

1. Reduction in consumption of diesel from Generators, thus enabling reduction in Co2.

2. Power factor correction

3. Peak-shaving and optimizing TOD charges

4. Back-up for Critical loads

5. Integration with renewable sources

6. Optimized energy management using a comprehensive toolset.

Some of our offerings

Energy Management Solutions

GDPR Consulting

Software Compliance and Process Consulting

NABH Implementation and Consulting

NABL Implementation and Consulting

Energy Storage Solutons

Bespoke technology solution stack development

Man Machine Interface Development

CRM Solutions

Service Desk Solutions

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